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Our Story

We enjoy pushing the limits in the field.

Who are we

Officially launching in 2014, we have been since expanded both our core team and projects portfolio. We love what we do and do what we love. Our team is expert, agile and passionate.

We currently boast a group of 13 developers and a general manager in our core development team. We don’t just understand the art of app-making – we also have 10 sales and business leaders who specialize in exploring the market, establishing new contacts and surveying potential business partners.

How we Work

Getting to know the client and their brand.

It is crucial for us to understand how the client thinks and what are the most important values for them, apart from profit generation. Some companies pay a lot of attention to customer relations, others feel that the product is the most important and that it has to be best represented. So, based on these and other criteria we analyse the client and their brand identity in order to bring the most out of our collaboration.

Understanding the requirements in full so that the client is not bothered needlessly.

We are great listeners, that is what makes us stand from the crowd. We spent a lot of time understanding specific needs, whether they are technical in nature or general guidelines.

Figure out the competition

We’re passionate about technology and innovation. We specialize in web and mobile development, with a keen interest in user experience, and one eye permanently fixed on product development.

Defining Roles

After we have gone through some brainstorm we then define everyone’s part on the project.

Walk the walk

We engage all of our potential to then finish what we are up to as fast and as good as it can humanly be done.

Trello world.

Our project management is based on Trello where we classify everything with a well known “kanban” method. Tasks are organized